Information About Our Summer Camp

Kettleby  Valley Camp is an Ontario summer camp that’s filled with fun and adventure for children ages 5 through 14. As an accredited member of the Ontario Camps Association, we have been the summer camp Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Aurora, and Toronto families have chosen for years.  Conveniently located just a short drive from the GTA, Kettleby Valley provides a northern camp setting without the three hour drive.  Kettleby Valley has over 60 acres with forests, fields, rolling hills and a modest waterfront highlighting the beautiful setting. These features give the summer camp its wilderness feeling. The site has been home to a summer camp since 1957 and has always been known for its northern Ontario camp feeling. For years, we’ve been providing a fantastic experience for children while developing their confidence through a healthy sense of independence.  Our day camps cater to kids as young as 4 1/2 and our overnight camps are offered in one week and two week sessions.  We also offer a one night overnight camp experience for campers who want a gradual transition from our day camp to our residential summer camp program.

Kettleby Valley – An Excellent Summer Camp Choice for Families in Richmond Hill, Newmarket, Aurora, and Toronto

We see a large number of campers from Newmarket. However, we are more than just a Newmarket  Summer Camp. We have formed many long-lasting relationships with families in Aurora, Richmond Hill, Woodbridge, Maple and Toronto as well. Each year we see familiar faces returning to our overnight summer camp from as close as Kettleby and as far away as China. Adventure camps are often the summer highlight for kids across Ontario. It’s important to choose the right kids’ camp for your children.  Their time at camp can be one of the most formative experiences in their life, as they learn independence and build their confidence with  new friends and old.  Your kids may remember the adventures they have at summer camp and the friends they make for many years to come.  This is why we’re the summer camp Toronto kids love! One of best things about our kids’ camp is that we are located in a spot that’s perfect for an overnight camp in Ontario – just 15 minutes west of Newmarket, 30 minutes north of Richmond Hill, 10 minutes west of Aurora, and less than 60 kilometres from downtown Toronto! You couldn’t ask for a better place for a kids’ camp. We know that you want your kids to have the best experience possible at camp, whether it’s a day camp or an overnight summer camp adventure.  Kettleby Valley Camp has everything your kids need to have an amazing summer There are many options for overnight camps in Ontario, so why choose Kettleby Valley as the camp for your kids?  Our kids camp stands out from other summer camps because of our focus on fun, personal development, and community feeling.  Plus, we have a surprisingly beautiful, natural location for a summer camp near Toronto.

“Thank you so much for all that you have done for Jessica over the years! Her self-esteem and confidence has grown with each year. She has stretched her boundaries and made new friends.” Barb  – Parent

Our programs at Kettleby Valley represent great value.  Day camp programs include hot meals, daily Lifesaving Society swimming lessons, and transportation to and from the camp.

Traditional Summer Camp Activities for your Kids to Enjoy!

We make sure that each camper has a schedule filled with a variety of activities that are both safe and exciting.  Our outdoor activities include Canoeing, Climbing Wall, Ropes Course, Archery, Swimming, Arts and Crafts, Drama and more.  In addition to these activities, our Overnight Summer Camp Program  also offers opportunities to learn Kayak Rolls, Paintball, Pottery, Frisbee Golf, and more.

“For a person that is never at a loss for words, I struggle to articulate how incredible I think you, your staff and and Kettleby Camp are. Dylan LOVED it!” Debbie – Parent

Delicious and Healthy Meals

Our kitchen offers a variety of delicious menu items for everyone at our kids camp.  Our goal is to provide meals that are both popular and nutritious. Great food is an important part of a residential camp experience, particularly for a campers who has never been away from home We accommodate for any and all dietary restrictions and allergies with care and consideration. This includes allergies from peanuts to pineapples and dietary restrictions including gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and dairy-free.

Our Staff

Our staff are committed to promoting a safe and personally challenging environment at our summer camp.  We offer a staff to camper ratio that’s better than 1 to 4 ratio of staff to campers, ensuring that your kids are provided with the proper care and attention. Most importantly, we choose the right people for these roles.  There are few jobs that ask more of you and provide more rewards than that of a summer camp counsellor and our staff know and understand this before they even apply. We teach our staff to understand the balance point between providing campers with guidance while leaving room for them to develop a healthy sense of independence.  Counsellors build personal connections with campers so that they are successful in achieving this balance. Our staff understand the responsibility they have in ensuring each child’s summer camp experience is positive and they take this responsibility seriously. Each staff member, both returning and new, takes art in a personal interview with our Director. Prior to offering employment, the personal references of any new applicant are contacted. Criminal checks are mandatory to everyone who is hired. We then extend an offer employment once we are satisfied that the candidate is worthy of the responsibility involved in leading children the position, Prior to the summer, our staff take part in an in-house training program. In addition to this, many of our summer camp staff take part in off-site training and workshops to enhance their competencies, qualifications and certifications. Along the way, our senior staff act as a resource to provide the necessary guidance for our staff. This formula adds to a high performing team of young, energetic role models unique to our summer camp.

Overnight Camp Promotes Confidence and Independence

Our overnight summer camp is a safe and supportive environment where children can become confident through developing independence. Being away from home offers summer campers the chance to see themselves from an entirely new perspective. Working with their cabin mates, making great friends, choosing their daily activities and experiencing natural consequences to the decisions they make leads to a higher level of self-esteem. Your child’s time at camp is led by our team of staff who know how to identify a learning experience and when to intervene. The result is a summer camp experience that is safe, fun and exciting. We know that some children find being away from home more challenging than others. It is these campers who benefit most from the camp experience. When necessary, we provide support by offering strategies to help alleviate their anxiety of being away from home. We provide updates to the parents of campers who are finding the experience challenging. By the end of the week, these campers feel an overwhelming sense of achievement and gain a healthy perspective of the challenges ahead in life. Sleeping in cabins at summer camp is an important part of the experience. These buildings provide more that the just basic amenities of a bunk and shelter from the elements. The cabins represent common ground where friendships can grow. When everyone lives in the same types of cabins and shares their meals in the same building, they experience a sense of unity and togetherness. Some of our older campers are housed in smaller cabins with four beds and their counsellors in the adjacent cabin. Most campers sleep in our larger cabins with eight beds. Counsellors stay in the same building in a separate room to balance independence with the necessary supervision. We offer our R.I.S.E. program for campers who have completed grade 4 or higher.   These campers are able to choose part of their daily schedule from activities such as Canoeing, Kayak Rolls, Bouldering, Archery, Crossbow, Paintball, Frisbee golf, Arts and Crafts, pottery, Climbing Wall, High Ropes and more. By giving campers a choice, we believe that campers will develop a greater sense of responsibility and independence. This program also provides campers with the chance to develop advanced skills and expertise that leads to a greater level of confidence. We like to think that our R.I.S.E. program puts us among the best summer camps in Ontario. One of the biggest advantages we have at Kettleby Valley is that we can offer our traditional summer camp program to campers within minutes of Toronto. We are an overnight camp in Ontario that nestled in the heart of York Region. Campers love what our program has to offer and parents have the peace of mind that their children are never far from home.

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Canoe Tripping Experience

Our older campers can have the trip of a lifetime with one of our exciting canoe trips in Algonquin Park!  Each summer, we offer our Algonquin Park Canoe Tripping Program for under $1000.  This week long trip to one of Ontario’s most world renowned Provincial Parks includes transportation, park fees, and all the equipment.

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Choose the Day Camp for Great Summer Fun!

For campers and parents who would like a traditional summer camp experience without having to sleepover, our summer day camp program is a great option. Located on the same beautiful 60 acre site, our weekly sessions offer camp activities such as Archery, Climbing Wall, Swimming, Arts and Crafts and many more. Campers develop confidence and make new friends while participating in these safe and exciting activities. Campers are also provided with a hot lunch each day in our dining hall. There are a few options to get to and from camp each day. If you live in the Aurora, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Woodbridge, King City, Maple or Thornhill area, we offer bus transportation to and from your home ever day. Pick from these areas is between 8:00 am and 8:45 am with drop off between 4:15 pm and 5:15 pm. If your work schedule doesn’t allow you to take advantage of our home pick up, you can arrange to meet our bus at 7:55 am at a nearby location or you can drop your camper off at the camp as early as 7:30 am and pick them up as late as 5:30 pm. Finally, we offer bus transportation from downtown Toronto, North York, Markham and Mississauga.

“When I saw Kettleby’s website and I saw some of the pictures and I saw some of the videos, I just can’t believe this exists right where I live” Robin- Parent

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Our Summer Camp’s Location – Just West of Aurora

Kettleby Valley is located near Highway 400, just west of Aurora.  We are located on 60 acres of rolling, tree-covered hills where you’d never know you were near a big city.  Our summer camp location is unlike other big city summer camps.  Newmarket and Richmond Hill are nearby and it’s easy to get here from anywhere in the York Region.  Throughout many areas in York Region, we provide day camp transportation for campers from their homes.  For campers in the Toronto, Markham and Mississauga areas, we have convenient day camp bus pick-up and drop-off locations including downtown Toronto.

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Our camp fees include bus service for kids coming to the day camp.  The location of Kettleby Valley means that we can readily transport your kids to the summer camp.  Toronto is just a short drive away.  Our buses provide transportation to and from the camp, and will pick up day camp participants at their homes throughout the many area in York region.  We offer extended bus service to other parts of the Greater Toronto Area  including a pick-up spots in Markham, Mississauga and downtown Toronto.

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Kettleby Valley – One of the Best Summer Camps in Ontario is Just Up the Road from Aurora!

At Kettleby Valley, our goal is to be one of the best summer camps in Ontario.   We offer a traditional Ontario summer camp experience that is easily accessible to anyone in the greater Toronto area.  Our day camp, overnight camp, and canoe trip options are an ideal way for your children to get out and enjoy themselves this summer! Choosing the right summer camp for you and your children is an important decision. Please explore our website and contact us if you have any questions.