Ontario Summer Camp Kettleby Valley Offers New Option for Changing at Camp

Changing at camp is a fact of life. For day campers, they’re required to change for swimming. For our overnight campers, they also have to change in the cabins. For some campers, it can be a bit awkward. For others, it’s downright uncomfortable and even lead to anxiety and an unwillingness to participate. At Kettleby Valley, we’ve always taken an approach to changing that involves respect and modesty. Like other camps, we’ve variety of strategies such as holding up a towel or curtain or changing in sleeping bags to alleviate the discomfort. For those who request it, we have been able to offer a private change area in our washrooms. We recognize that these solutions aren’t right for everyone. This summer we will have stalls available in some of our swim change rooms. We have also partnered with Marni at GoFor Cover. GoFor Cover is a unique, multi-use garment that offers campers and staff portable, privacy while still being discrete. With both a lighter quick-dry style , and a fleece cozy style, campers can wear them pretty much anywhere. To order your 'GoFor Cover'