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Kettleby Valley Outdoor Education Centre is a great place to bring your class.  Located just north of Toronto in the heart of York Region, we have been providing outdoor education programs for over 20 years. Set on 60 beautiful acres of rolling hills, forests and a modest waterfront, Kettleby Valley offers great outdoor education programs within the GTA. This keeps travelling time and costs to a minimum without compromising the experience. The outdoor education centre makes use of a variety of traditional camp activities. Cooperative games and group Initiatives combined with a peak experience such as high ropes course and climbing wall help to develop collaborative skills among the students. Other outdoor education activities include archery, orienteering, web of life, bouldering, and a low ropes course. Canoeing is also available at Kettleby Valley during warmer parts of the seasons. Students are divided into groups of 12 to 15. Kettleby Valley provides a leader for each small group and this leader stays with the same group throughout their time at Camp. This allows our staff to connect with the students and make adjustments to the delivery of the program so that the class gets the most from the outdoor education activities. Our staff are trained and certified to provide a safe outdoor education experience. Along with a variety of private schools, Kettleby Valley has hosted schools from York Region, Durham, Toronto Simcoe County. The fall is a perfect time for classes to take part in program at Kettleby Valley. The benefits of an outdoor education experience at the beginning of the school year is that students have the chance to bond with one another and set norms for interacting. It is also a great opportunity for teachers to sit back and see their students from a different perspective. Teachers are welcome and encouraged to participate in the outdoor education program so that they have a common ground to share with their students. The spring is also a popular time to visit our outdoor education centre. After working hard during the school year, students are rewarded with a fun and enjoyable experience while developing their leadership skills. Reengagement with the learning process and celebrating a successful year are some of the benefits of outdoor education in the spring. We work with a variety of age groups. Although most groups are grade 5 and older, students as young as Kindergarten have enjoyed outdoor education activities at Kettleby Valley. Our program is also a favourite for high school classes. On weekends, we offer programs for clubs such as Girl Guides, Scouts and other organized groups. Kettleby Valley Outdoor Education Centre can accommodate as many as 200 students for a day program. We encourage school groups to work with their bus companies to arrange an early start to the day. A typical program usually runs from 9:30am to 2:00 pm, depending on the distance you need to travel. We can accommodate as many as 90 students for our residential outdoor education program. We dining hall can accommodate most every dietary and allergy restriction in an inclusive manner. Our washrooms and shower facilities are located a short distance from the cabins. For more information, please contact us!


Day Visits

Full Day Use with with Outdoor Education Program

Variety of activities during the day.

$27.00 per person

Overnight Visits

Weekend Use of Facility

Includes overnight accommodations, use of kitchen, lodge and grounds from Friday evening (arriving no earlier than 6:00pm) to Sunday (departing no later than 1:00pm).

$65.00 per person

Weekend Use with Food

Includes a snack on Friday, breakfast, lunch and dinner and snack on Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday.

$95.00 per person

Weekend Use with Outdoor Education Program

Includes a full day program on Saturday and half-day program on Sunday.

$95.00 per participant ($85.00 for Saturday program only) + 1 leader at $40.00 for every 10 participants

Weekend Use with Outdoor Education Program and Food

Includes accommodation on Friday evening (arriving no earlier than 6:00pm), full day program with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack on Saturday, and half-day program with breakfast on Sunday and lunch on Sunday (departing no later than 1:00pm).

$125.00 per participant ($115.00 for Saturday program only) + 1 leader at $65.00 for every 10 participants

Three-Day Outdoor Education Program

Full program, two nights accommodation, with 6 meals and 2 snacks (Arriving no earlier than 9:30 am on the first day and departing no later than 3:00 pm on the last day).

$165.00 per participant + 1 leader at $75.00 for every 10 participants
*Add $60.00 per participant and $25.00 per leader for each additional day

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