Summer Day Camps


Campers work towards their Ontario Recreational Canoeing Kayaking (ORCKA) levels at the pond. In partners, our older campers work together to complete specific strokes and canoeing skills. Campers also explore the pond area, while participating in a variety of games and challenges. Campers learn the importance of water safety while developing the confidence to maneuver their canoe.

High Ropes Course

Our Campers from Grade 4 to Grade 8 get to experience our High Ropes Course. The High Ropes Course is where team and individual elements require balance and communication between group members. Our elements, such as the dangle-a-maze, encourage group success over individual success as campers rely on each other to complete each level. Our teeter-totter element challenges campers to overcome their fear of heights while communicating with a partner to maintain balance.

Low Ropes Course

Our Campers from JK to Grade 3 experience our Low Ropes Course where communication, co-operation, and team work are reinforced. Campers gain confidence within themselves, and learn to trust others for support and encouragement.

Archery & Cross Bow

These activities require a great deal of coordination, concentration and a steady aim. Campers learn how to properly hold and load a bow, and gain an appreciation for being patient and positive. Our older campers, in addition to archery, learn the skill of properly loading and shooting a crossbow. For both activities, participants enjoy the pursuit of achieving a bull’s eye and having their success announced at the end of the day!

Climbing Wall

Each Camper has the opportunity to challenge their limits, while helping others in their group to do the same. Our Climbing Wall offers three different climbs of varying degrees of difficulty.


The latest addition to our climbing activities allow participants to develop their climbing skills without the fear that can be associated with height. On average, participants are only a few feet from the mats and with freedom from ropes, they are able to create their own routes or try out some of our challenging predetermined ones. Bouldering is where Campers learn the skills and techniques associated with Climbing before they get to our Climbing Wall.

Fun With...

In their day groups, campers get active while learning the importance of sportsmanship. These co-operative games help to ‘break the ice’, as well as build leadership and communication skills. Campers have the opportunity to encourage and support their group members in a variety of fun and creative games.


Improvisation and imagination are important components to this activity. Campers will learn to feel comfortable performing in front of others while having fun! Drama provides a safe environment for campers to experiment, imagine, and play with their fellow group members. Working on a stage, Campers draw creativity from both a dress-up trunk filled with props and from their imaginations.

Arts & Crafts

Campers develop a sense of creativity and take pride in the results of their efforts. They work on a variety of different arts & crafts that they can bring home with them by the end of the week. Campers learn the appropriate skills to create final pieces, and take the time to experiment with a variety of materials. Campers weave bracelets, tye-dye shirts, experiment with water colours and paints, sketch the nature around them, make beanie buddies and so much more!


Waterfront safety and skills are emphasized during Instructional Swim. Certified lifeguards and swim instructors will help Campers earn their Lifesaving Society Swimmer and Canadian Swim Patrol levels. For those who have completed these levels we also offer the Lifesaving Society’s Bronze level programs.
Lifeguards supervise Campers and Staff during the second swim of the day, our popular free swim. It is an important time for cooling off, playing games, and having fun!

Allow your creativity to come out at day camps in Ontario
Day Camp Transportation

Getting to and from day camps each day requires a great deal of coordination and organization. Our buses pick up and drop off the majority of our day campers from their home. This is a great option for our Aurora, Newmarket and Vaughan day camp families. We offer the same service for our Richmond Hill day camp children as well. Our staff supervise each ride to make sure campers get on and off the bus safely. Our staff always have crafts, games and songs ready to go so that the campers enjoy the trip. Our first camper pick up is between 7:50 am and 8:00 am, depending on the area. Buses arrive at camp around 9:00 am and, after a full day of camp activities, depart at 4:00 pm.

Our bus service is a great option, especially when coming from communities further away such as our Richmond Hill day camp children. For those who require extended hours, we also have the option of dropping off and picking up campers at Kettleby Valley. This is a great option for people who live close by like our Newmarket day camp families. Parents can drop off as early as 7:30 am and pick up as late as 5:30 am. Finally, for campers from Toronto, North York and Markham, we offer day camp buses from central locations. These include our downtown Toronto stop at 200 Wellington Street West, our North York stop at 155 Consumers Road and our Markham stops at 3600 and 3500 Steeles Avenue East.

Your kids will enjoy the adventure and excitement of everything Kettleby Valley Camp has to offer at our day camps in Ontario
Our Day Camp Staff

Having a great day camp counsellor makes all the difference. Many of our staff have grown up at Kettleby Valley and know first had what it’s like to be a new camper here. Our staff understand how to make everyone feel welcome and important. Making connections with each child is a skill we focus on during our mandatory staff training sessions prior to the beginning of the season. Our staff are also taught how to maintain control over their group without sacrificing the fun and enjoyment of the experience.

As the campers travel from one activity to another, they are instructed by trained and certified activity staff. Whenever your child is taking part in swimming, they are always supervised by certified lifeguards. Canoe instructors also possess their lifeguarding certification as well as a Canoe Instructors certification. Our activity staff work hard to help each camper at their activity. They understand the enjoyment and fulfilment that campers feel when they develop their skills in a fun and safe environment.

The mess hall at Kettleby Valley Camp provides nutritious meals throughout our summer camp in Ontario
Kettleby Valley Day Camp Lunch Program

Everyone seems to love our day camp’s lunch program. We offer meals that are traditional favourites with children while maintaining their nutritional needs by serving whole wheat buns and bread, real cheese rather than processed and a secret ingredient here and there (such as carrot puree in our cheese sauce!). At each lunch we provide fresh veggies for every group.

Our day camp lunch program is about more than just food. Sharing a meal together creates a sense of belonging and community that other day camps can lack. When campers enter the dining hall there is a feeling of excitement for the meal. Campers will ask me, “what’s for lunch?” Once I tell them, they pump their fist in the air and run to tell the rest of the group. When everyone shares the same food, at the same time, in one building, it creates a common ground from which big things can grow. It’s much easier to accept others for who they are and make friends with someone who is in the same situation as you.

Like our other day camp activities, lunch is a time to try new things, broaden the boundaries and discover. Many parents tell me how surprised they are that their child actually tried (and liked) ‘Sloppy Joes’ or perogies. Other parents have come up to me at our open house and said, “There is no way my child will eat brown bread.” And yet their daughter had no qualms about eating thirds on grilled cheese day – crusts and all.

Despite our success with most campers, there are always a few who would rather maintain their current eating habits. For these campers we offer pasta or pasta with sauce to go with the sides that we serve. We also cater to campers who have allergies and intolerances by offering substitutes that are the same or similar to what other campers are eating. When we serve pizza, we will also serve gluten free and dairy free pizza. This avoids campers with dietary restrictions from feeling left out. One mom said that out of all the Aurora day camps she considered, Kettleby Valley put the most effort into accommodating their family’s food needs.

If your child is attending for Week 1, 3, 5 or 7, here are the lunches that they can look forward to!
  • Chicken Fingers
  • Waffle Fries
  • Veggie Sticks
  • Pasta Option
  • Popsicles
  • Sloppy Joes with cheese slices
  • Shoestring Fries
  • Veggie Sticks
  • Pasta Option
  • Baked Treat
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Tater Tots
  • Veggie Sticks
  • Pasta Option
  • Ice Cream Sandwiches
  • Mac & Cheese
  • Salad
  • Buns with butter
  • Plain Pasta Option
  • Baked Treat
  • Hamburgers with cheese slices
  • Corn
  • Pasta Option
  • Popsicles
If your child is attending for Week 2, 4, 6 or 8, here are the lunches that they can look forward to!
  • Hot Dogs
  • Corn (or another veggie that kids will eat)
  • Pasta Option
  • Popsicles
  • Perogies
  • Buns with Butter
  • Salad
  • Pasta Option
  • Baked Treat
  • Chicken Burgers with tomatoes and lettuce
  • Potato Wedges
  • Veggie Sticks
  • Pasta Option
  • Ice Cream Sandwiches
  • Pita Pizzas
  • Salad
  • Pasta Option
  • Baked Treat
  • Pasta and tomato sauce
  • Meatballs
  • Salad
  • Plain Pasta Option
  • Popsicles
Day Camp Activities

There are few day camps that have the resources to offer as diverse and active a program as Kettleby Valley. Each camper has the opportunity to swim twice a day – once to work on their Red Cross Swimming levels and once just for fun. Archery is another popular activity with our day camp children. Our older campers also have the chance to try their hand at Crossbow.

Our Nature and Camp Craft activities develop an appreciation for our environment while learning some basic skills like fire building and outdoor cooking. There aren’t many other Newmarket day camps that can offer such a beautiful setting to enjoy nature.

Our climbing activities challenge campers physically while providing the thrill of being high up. Bouldering is where campers learn the skills and techniques associated with climbing successfully. Our Climbing Walls offer a chance to put those skills into action. Our Low Ropes Course provides our youngest day camp participants with a chance to develop balance. Our High Ropes Course proves as much of a mental challenge as it does physically. Balancing 25 feet high at the end of a teeter totter, making your way across a suspended cable, or working as a team to ascend the ‘Dangle-A-Maze’ are a few examples of what High Ropes has to offer.

Our Drama program is a great opportunity for campers to build their confidence by expressing themselves and performing in front of their peers. It takes courage to let loose and our day camp offers the perfect environment.

Finally, we offer day camp children an opportunity to tap into their creative side at Arts and Crafts. Campers are presented with a project and then taught the skills and techniques necessary to succeed. They are given just enough direction so that they can take the creative liberty to come up with something unique.

Jumping into a pool to cool down at our day camps in Ontario is a perfect way to spend a summer
Changing for Swimming and for Overnight Campers

Each camper is required to change at camp for swimming. Overnight campers will have to change morning and night in their cabins. Both day and overnight campers will have to change for swimming. Like most public pools, our change rooms are open. This assists us in providing proper supervision in the change rooms so that campers are safe.

For some campers, changing in a group can be a bit uncomfortable. We make it clear that campers are to be respectful of others and that changing only needs to take a few moments. Once a camper is changed, they leave the building and wait outside for the rest of the group.

Privacy when changing in the cabins is a bit easier to come by. Some campers will change in their bunk, under their sleeping bag. Campers also change in shifts for more space.

Making special arrangement is possible, however this is not our first choice. Campers know when exceptions are made and this can diminish the inclusiveness within the group. If your camper is uncomfortable to the point of anxiety when it comes to changing in front of others, please let us know. We will do our best to provide further privacy by having your child change in the washrooms. We do our best to be discrete with these arrangements to avoid unwanted attention.

Bring a friend or make new ones at our youth camps
The Original 'Richmond Hill Day Camp'

Richmond Hill Day Camps, or RICHILDACA for short, was founded in the late 1950’s. RICHILDACA operated until 1985 on the very property where Kettleby Valley now stands. In the beginning, a school teacher named Bill Babcock saw the value of introducing children to outdoor skills such as rope climbing, camp craft, canoeing, archery and swimming. Day campers would occasionally have the opportunity to sleep over at the camp. Soon, a log lodge was built using trees from the site and in the late 60’s cabins where built to accommodate a school program and utilize the property year-round. As the surrounding area grew, RICHILDACA began providing Newmarket day camp and Aurora day camp services as well. Kettleby Valley has continued to expand, offering quality Vaughan day camp and Thornhill day camp services.

day camps
Corporate Partnerships

In 1998, Kettleby Valley was established. In addition to Newmarket day camp and Aurora day camp programs, Kettleby Valley offered summer programs for the children of employees of corporations such TD Bank, IBM, Hudson’s Bay Company and Kodak. These partnerships included services such as bus transportation from and to the workplace to help balance work with everyday life.

Nothing is more iconic to a Summer Camp in Ontario more so than a camp fire
We Offer More Than Just Day Camps

Kettleby Valley offers more than just Newmarket and Aurora day camp services. Twice each summer, our day campers can get a taste of what overnight camp is like by combining their regular day camp experience with our one-night overnight camp session. This program is offered once in July during the first week of camp and again in August during short week. These summer programs are a great way to introduce our day campers to the concept of spending a night away from home.

Kettleby Valley is also an Overnight Summer Camp for 100 children each week. With our ‘Resi’ program, the participants benefit through building deeper connections with their counsellors and other campers. A greater sense of independence is achieved and confidence grows throughout their camp session. Campers arrive on Sunday and depart on Friday of each week. Our overnight campers choose the activities that they participate in throughout their experience. We offer all the great day camp activities for our ‘Resi’ campers and more. Additional activities include Paintball, Frisbee Golf, Pottery and Slack Lining. Evening program is always a highlight and includes activities such as campfire, cookout and capture the flag. Our Overnight Camp host campers ages 6 to 14 and sessions range from one to two weeks long.

Finally, Kettleby Valley offers Algonquin Park canoe tripping adventures for our Senior Campers. These programs start at Kettleby Valley, where participants spend Saturday and Sunday building the skills and techniques they will need to have a safe and successful trip. On Monday, campers depart for Algonquin Park, where they spend the week paddling and portaging together. Our Campers return on Friday with memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether it’s a day camp, an overnight camp or a northern adventure that you and your children are looking for, Kettleby Valley is the place where everyone feels a sense of belonging.

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